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Dear Family, Friends, and Guests,
    We hope you enjoy this web site.  If you have visited before, you may have noticed that it hadn't been updated in ages.  Well, it's been an extraordinarily hectic time.  After 10 miscarriages, our daughter, Veronika Soleil was born January 25, 2001!!!  It was a wild ride getting here.  In a nut shell, we learned during my pregnancy with Veronika that I {Nicole} have kidney disease...something that appears to have been a major factor in my health during most of my life.  Then as an added distraction, the doctors saw on an ultrasound something that they didnít like about Veronika's brain and wanted us to terminate...something that we would never consider.  In spite of all that has gone on, we feel extremely blessed.  We are doing well...particularly Veronika, who in spite of all the doom's day predictions of doctors, is actually ahead of typical development for her age.   Life here is busy and full.  It seems as though we never get the time to write an email or letter.  We read our mail, but when it comes to responding, we usually have to wrestle Veronika for the keyboard.  She is our greatest blessing.  We often wonder what we did to be worthy of God blessing us with such a spectacular being.  She is our baby contradiction: a tranquil spirit that is full of raucous laughter.  We have a great deal of difficulty tearing ourselves away from our celestial center of gravity: Veronika Soleil.  In September, we moved to a house that is one level, my energy level is better and my kidneys seem stable.  The dogs love having a big backyard to play in and bark at the ducks.
    This site was created out of our love of you, our daughter, our dogs, music, life and each other.  Below are photos from various moments in our life together over the past few years...for the most part, they are in chronological order with the exception of the first photo presented here.  Once you see it, you will understand why it is so illustriously presented.
    Capital Keeshond Club/Keeshond Club of America National Specialty is to be held in Frederick, MD April 18-21 2002.  I am very proud to have designed the art work for this event.  For more information on this event go to:
    Our dogs are featured prominently on this page, because they are of great importance to our life.  We hope this page is educational to the understanding of our fuzzy friends.  So many people buy a puppy because it is cute, but they are not puppies forever.  They change, grow and sometimes look really weird.  Nitika is our one year old Keeshond, beautifully bred and nurtured by Joanie and Dick Magliozzi. The Nitika Chronicles, which takes a little while to load, illustrate how an adorable puppy changes to gawky adolescent then to a beautiful adult.  No matter what their form, they always need love.

Much love to you all!
Nicole, Frank, Veronika, Diva, Tenor, Nitika, and Ophelia the Cat.

The eyes have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 25, 2001

Frank & Nicole's engagement portrait, Dec. 1995

June 8, 1996

(Left to right and top to bottom) Tenor, Diva, Frank, Angel, Nicole, Major, and Duke---December, 1997

Nicole & Major---December 1997

Frank & Nitika at the Old Dominion Kennel Club Show---April, 24, 1999

Nicole & Nitika July 27, 1999 {Nitika's 10 month birthday!}

Veronika Soleil at 3 weeks old on Valentine's Day 2001

Christening March 24, 2001
John Slimick {Godfather & friend}, Daddy, Veronika, Mommy,
Barb Gscheidle {Godmother & Frank's sister} and Father Jim

Halloween 2001
Veronika and our flower, Nitika

Family portrait November 30, 2001
Veronika is 10 months old.

Capital Keeshond Club/Keeshond Club of America National Specialty T-shirt design.

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