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The Nitika Chronicles
Six weeks old.
9 weeks old.
10 weeks old.
11 weeks old.
14 weeks old.
15 weeks old with Tenor, as always.
18 weeks old...yes, I'm in my gawkies!
22 weeks old.  After attending my first puppy match, Mommy and Daddy took me to SuperPetz.  I love those self serve bins!!!
22 1/2 weeks, my first snow storm!
24 weeks old; wow, there's lots of snow!!!!
Six months old.
Seven months old and still on the move!!!
July 27, 1999 {Nitika's 10 month birthday!}
Nitika (11 months old) at the Harrisburg Kennel Club show after winning her first blue and reserve ribbons - August 28, 1999.

The day before Nitika's first birthday at the Capital Keeshond Club, Keesie Fun Fest - September 26, 1999

Nitika at 13 months old.
Nitika and Diva, looking disheveled after a long day of rough housing - December 14, 1999.  Nitika is 15 months old.