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Sheena a.k.a. Beanie Baby is wonderful, sweet and energetic Kees, who is approximately 8 years old. Her original owners gave her to a couple, with whom they were friends, because they didn't want her any more. The friends had an aggressive dog who attacked Sheena on a regular basis. Both dogs were kept either in the laundry room or outside. The friends, then, dumped both dogs, filthy and matted, at the local shelter. They told the shelter that she did not get along with their small child or cats.

Our experience was quite different. She LOVED the children in our neighborhood (and they love her), and she got along fine with Ophelia. She blossomed into an amazingly delightful dog! She LOVED to romp with our other dogs!  She also liked to take towels from the bathroom into the hall. (We kept trying to figure out how to get her to take them down to the washing machine. ;-)

She was adopted by a nice lady, who is the companion that Sheena spent her life looking for. Her favorite things to do are to lick the back of peoples knees.  She is a loving, bouncy, and silly Kees, who finally has a very happy life.

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