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The person, who had owned Keesha, decided that she didn't want Keesha any more and left Keesha with her parents. Unfortunately, the parents had an old dog that didn't like Keesha, because, like most Kees, she is very fun loving. She really needed a new home, where her Keesie qualities could be appreciated.

A very nice couple, who had two dogs, but one had crossed Rainbow Bridge, decided to make Keesha a part of their family, so that Pancho, the remaining dog, wouldn't be lonely.

Keesha loves to run and play with Pancho.  She likes to sit by the woodpile in the back yard, staring and waiting for the chipmunk that lives in there.  Keesha is a very happy girl and is most content when getting her belly rubbed.


Gallery of Rescues